Here are a few recordings of sessions and a couple of videos I’ve created on the topics of Creativity, Storytelling and IBM Watson


Survival of the Fittest in an AI World
AdWeek NYC 2018 – October 2018

What If?
TAZWorks User Group – May 2018

YOU the Master Storyteller
IBM Watson Customer Engagement Sales Academy – Jan 2018

Man + machine > than Man or Machine
Watson Keynote 2018

Orbiting the Giant Hairball. My journey as a corporate creative.
STORY 2017 – September 2017

Thriving in the midst of a perfect storm: discovering a new way to work
Social Business Forum in Milan – July 2015

Creativity Crisis
Rogers Telecom Social Media Day – October 2013

Social Business
Nyherji – May 2013

Getting Smarter
IBM Smarter Business Denmark – December 2011

Social Mythbusters
IBM Smarter Business Denmark – December 2011

People-Centric vs. Content-Centric
Lotusphere 2011, Orlando – January 2011


Do you see me?
Considering Retail Employee Engagement and Customer Experience – May 2017

It’s not about saving time
Using Cognitive and Analytics to be more focused and effective – April 2017

Who’s keeping the lights on?
Using Watson Work and Talent to address the needs of Utility workforce concerns – April 2017

Where do your ideas go
A very short video discussing wasted ideas – June 2015

You Don’t Know Jack
Diversity and Inclusion – February 2017



The Story of a Presentation
An IBM Enablement Session – January 2019

Presentation Tips and Techniques
An IBM Enablement Session – January 2019


Be Mobile! Work Social!
Interview by Scott Abbott – August 2014

Employee Advocacy Summit
Panel Discussion – March 2014

Byznys Park
Interview in Prague – June 2012