Here are a few recordings of sessions and a couple of videos I’ve created on the topics of Creativity, Storytelling and IBM Watson


America SAP User Group EIM Keynote 2019
Monsters and Mountains

Survival of the Fittest in an AI World
AdWeek NYC 2018 – October 2018

What If?
TAZWorks User Group – May 2018

YOU the Master Storyteller
IBM Watson Customer Engagement Sales Academy – Jan 2018

Man + machine > than Man or Machine
Watson Keynote 2018

Orbiting the Giant Hairball. My journey as a corporate creative.
STORY 2017 – September 2017

Thriving in the midst of a perfect storm: discovering a new way to work
Social Business Forum in Milan – July 2015

Creativity Crisis
Rogers Telecom Social Media Day – October 2013

Social Business
Nyherji – May 2013


Conversations that Matter
5-part short video series to enhance your communication approach to sales and belief
The Overview

The Introductory Conversation

The Discovery Conversation

The Imagining Conversation

The Confirmation

CMO Presentation using only a whiteboard and analogies
With presenter notes for enablement in presenting from a whiteboard

The Story of a Presentation
An IBM Enablement Session – January 2019

Presentation Tips and Techniques
An IBM Enablement Session – January 2019


Data Migration Advanced
Introduction of Data Migration and Syniti Differentiator

Do you see me?
Considering Retail Employee Engagement and Customer Experience – May 2017

It’s not about saving time
Using Cognitive and Analytics to be more focused and effective – April 2017

Who’s keeping the lights on?
Using Watson Work and Talent to address the needs of Utility workforce concerns – April 2017

Where do your ideas go
A very short video discussing wasted ideas – June 2015

You Don’t Know Jack
Diversity and Inclusion – February 2017


Be Mobile! Work Social!
Interview by Scott Abbott – August 2014

Employee Advocacy Summit
Panel Discussion – March 2014