Thanks my friends

“When people begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old.” – Mark Twain

I always consider it an honor and a privilege to have anyone, especially a group of people, think highly enough of my stories to honor me with the opportunity to share precious time with them. I’m cautious about even posting these comments, but I ask that you look for the message within…the confirmation of a storytelling approach to be meaningful and necessary. It’s for that passion that I offer the following;


We were very excited to have Louis speak this year at our OGS.  I have been trying to get him to speak at MWLUG for the past two years. As an IBM Business Partner for over 20 years, he is one of the best IBM speakers that I have heard.  Louis does an incredible job in presenting and connecting to the audience about social business and what it means to them as IBM customers. His approach of story telling is extremely effective.  We at MWLUG would like to encourage IBM to continue providing and supporting resources like Louis to LUG conferences through the world.

Richard Moy
Managing Director, Phora Group and Host of MWLUG


Louis, your work continues to be of the highest order – I love your presentations on Slideshare and the videos you’ve put out on YouTube, and it is very obvious from the number of views and RTs that this message it getting out to the wider market.  Decks like ‘Where ideas come from’ are unlike anything that I’ve seen from others in IBM, or indeed, from those in other organizations.  These are exactly the kind of thought leadership that IBM’s Social Business campaign needs.  

Social technology is wonderful, and I’m as keen on IBM Connections as anyone, but technology alone will never solve the communication and collaboration issues that organizations are facing.  We need to open up the conversations as to how organizations and individuals are failing in their efforts today, how changes in technique and approach can make a difference, and how IBM’s technology and services (or the services of its partners) can deliver on these promises.  Technology-led (or worse, product-led) approaches will not fulfill this requirement. That’s why we need you (and ideally, many others within IBM) to be writing on this topic, to be taking part in panels and Q&As, to be presenting at events world-wide (SXSW, Le Web, E2.0, CIO and CEO-targetted meetings, and especially, non-technology-led events.

Stuart McIntyre
CTO / Social Business Strategist – Collaboration Matters Limited


We need to change our approach to be much more focused on compelling ideas and the vision. Through the customer meetings / presentations I have had the pleasure of attending with you, you have delivered on that promise each and every time. You and Jon Mell together are better at delivering the message than anybody else that I know. Personally I always learn from spending time with both you.

Jens Overgaard Dinesen
Chief Executive Officer, Intravision