It’s your session, not mine

All too often, conference sessions are designed to share something you might find interesting or could possibly use. I’ve realized that “might find” and “could possibly use” are not the best target. I’d like to offer a session where you can know you’ll find interesting and definitely find something you can use. But just like any storyteller’s opportunity, it will require I know you better. I would be honored if you invest a few minutes, right now, to gain the results you deserve.

Imagine, you’re invited to a dinner gathering and discover you’re going to be seated next to the person who was IBM’s first Chief Storyteller. For 30+ years, he developed his storytelling craft to communicate some of the world’s most complex solutions so his listeners could not only understand, but believe. He’s currently a Corporate Story Coach where he shares his insights and observations to a variety of companies and executives around the globe.

As you take your seat, he says,

“It’s so great to meet you. I understand you are a fellow storyteller. Tell me, is there anything I can offer to share that will be of service to you in your journey?”

How would you respond? What questions might you ask? What are you most curious about?

Whatever just came to mind, I ask that you simply include it in an email to me ( and I will respond in my session at the “Stories Without Borders” conference in May 2023. So I don’t spoil the conference, after the conference I’ll answer each email in writing. It would be helpful if you can include “Dinner Questions” in the email subject line.

I thank you in advance for your participation and curiosity. I’m looking forward to serving you and the other members of our storytelling community.