During the past couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at over 100 events in 50+ cities in 20+ countries. The countries I’ve visited are shown in red below. If yours is not listed, it’s probably only because you haven’t invited me. See my contact page and we can fix that.

I would love to come visit with you and share stories of creativity, innovation and how we can work smarter.

In addition to the hundreds of customer events and engagements I’ve been honored to share, here are some of the public events where I’ve been given the privilege to present.

Storytelling for Sales (SAP) – Miami, FL
Sales Academy (IBM) – Washington, DC
MIPS EMEA – Barcelona, Spain
MIPS America – Las Vegas, NV
THINK – Las Vegas, NV
Financial Brand Forum – Las Vegas, NV
THINK – Santiago, Chile
Scaling New Heights – Atlanta, GA
ADWeek – New York, NY
LEAD 2017 – Nashville, TN
Connect 2017 – San Francisco, CA
CIO Event – Bangkok, Thailand
CIO Event – Jakarta, Indonesia
CIO Event – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
IHRIM Conference – Toronto, Canada
APQC Knowledge Mgmt Conference – Houston, TX
Talent User Group – New York, NY
HR Summit – Toronto, Canada
Digital Sales University, Orlando, FL
Social Connections – Chicago, IL
Beyond Budgeting Conference – Chicago, IL
Storytelling for Leaders (Bosch) – Southfield, MI
Storytelling for Marketers – Atlanta, GA
Storytelling for Marketers – Atlanta, GA
STORY 2017 – Nashville, TN
IMF Global Conference – Washington, DC
SEA Conference – Atlanta, GA
IHRIM – Miami, FL
IHRIM Conference and Story Workshop – Miami, FL
Connect 2016 – Orlando, FL
Cumbre de Servicios – Cancun, MX
DoIt Best – Ft. Wayne, IN
Engage – Eindhoven, Netherlands
Atlanta User Group – Atlanta, GA
Latin America CMO Exchange – Miami, FL
Engagement in the Cognitive Era – Dallas, TX
CIO Breakfast – Sydney Australia
Outthink 2016 – Los Angeles, CA
ConnectED – Orlando, FL
InterConnect – Las Vegas, NV
Connect Comes to Switzerland – Zurich, Switzerland
Connect Comes to Austria – Vienna, Austria
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Cincinnati, OH
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Milwaukee, WI
Be Mobile. Work Social. – New York, NY
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Toronto, ON
JunoLogic Social – St. Louis, MO
Social Connections – Boston, MA
Business Connect – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Business Connect – Santiago, Chile
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Boston, MA
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Jersey City, NJ
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Columbus, OH
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Atlanta, GA
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Toronto, ON
New Way to Work Tour – Chicago, IL
Social Business Forum – Milan, IT
Midwest Lotus User Group – Atlanta, GA
Heart of Business – Minneapolis, MN
New Way to Work Tour – Toronto, ON
New Way to Work Tour – Boston, MA
New Way to Work Tour – New York, NY
Cloud Saturday, Atlanta, GA
Heart of Business – Boston, MA
New Way to Work Tour – Washington, DC
New Way to Work Tour – Atlanta, GA
New Way to Work Tour – Dallas, TX
New Way to Work Tour – San Francisco, CA
KMWorld – Washington, DC
Social Enterprise Executive Exchange – Milan, IT
Norwegian Business Connect – Oslo, Norway
Connect 2014 – Orlando, FL
Connect Comes to You – Houston, TX
Connect Comes to You – Omaha, NE
Connect Comes to You – Zurich, Switzerland
Engage – Brussels, Belgium
Business Connect – Hamburg, Germany
Denmark HR – Copenhagen, Denmark
Atlanta Lotus User Group – Atlanta, GA
ITC Conference – Camp Hill, PA
05 01 – Impact – Las Vegas, NV
Smarter Commerce Global Summit – Tampa, FL
Business Connect – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Business Connect – Oslo, Norway
Innovate – Orlando, FL
Smarter Business Summit – Vancouver, BC
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Indianapolis, IN
Technology Association of Georgia – Atlanta, GA
IT Expo – Las Vegas, NV
Connections Community Event – Cologne, Germany
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Rochester, NY
Business Connect – Helsinki, Finland
Smarter Workforce Summit – Atlanta, GA
Social Connect – Stockholm, Sweden
Raise Your Spirits – Charlotte, NC
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Philadelphia, PA
Be Mobile. Work Social. – San Francisco, CA
Be Mobile. Work Social. – Minneapolis, MN
IBM Connect – Orlando, FL
Smarter Workforce Seminar – Washington, DC
Social Connect – Stockholm, Sweden
Belguim Lotus User Group – Brussels, Belgiu
Castlebreck Social Event – Toronto, ON
IamLUG – St. Louis
QED – CroatiaNyherji Social Connect – Reykjavik, Iceland
Intranatdagarna – Stockholm, Sweden
Innovate – Orlando, FL
The Conference Board Social Media for HR – New York, NY
Social Connections – Zurich, Switzerland
Atlanta Tribune Conference – Atlanta, GA
Jeff Gitomer Book Tour – Atlanta, GA
Highland Software Event – Chicago, IL
Jeff Gitomer Book Tour – Las Vegas, NV
Charlotte Speedway Social Event – Charlotte, NC
Jeff Gitomer Book Tour – Dallas, TX
Business Connect – Brussels, Belgium
Business Connect – Atlanta, GA
DC Lotus User Group – Washington, DC
Gothenburg Connect – Gothenburg, Denmark
Lotus Comes To You – Stockholm, Sweden
Lotus Comes to You – Pittsburgh, PA
Atea Bootcamp – Halmstead, Sweden
Intranatdagarna – Stockholm, Sweden
Czech TV Interview “Hydepark” – Prague, Czech Republic
LCTY – Vancouver, BC
Midwest Lotus User Group – Pittsburgh, PA
Atlanta Tribune Moving Your Business Forward – Atlanta, GA
Business Gets Social – Winnipeg, MB
Social Business Forum – Moscow, Russia
Social Media Day at Rogers Telecom – Toronto, ON
AIIM Social Content – Atlanta, GA
Information On Demand – Las Vegas, NV
Social Business Event – St. Louis, MO
GTEC Canada Gov’t Tech Event – Ottawa, ON
Nürnberger Kreis – Hamburg, Germany
E2 Innovate – Santa Clara, CA